Custom Projects

Conceptualization, planning, execution

Each industry is a whole different world with diverse demands. The foundational purpose of Latimar is to satisfy the needs of each customer based on the vast knowledge of our technicians. In order to provide this service, standard series cannot be a barrier. Our technical department has been able to design the most diverse solutions for the most challenging cases.

With a clear vocation for service and an experienced team, we analyze the specific needs of each customer looking for the most adequate technical solution. In this way, a number of essential elements come together to give life to the idea of the project.

Our main task is integrated project management, supporting our customers in each phase for the correct definition of needs and control the fulfillment of goals related to costs, quality, deadlines, efficient risk management and commitment to sustainability.

We develop risk, management and monitoring analysis of high added value and advice on initiatives based on our wide international experience. We count with a multidisciplinary team of professionals, agile in decision-making and flexible to adapt to each project’s conditions.

One of the main aims of our company is to become the model supplier in the solutions we offer. This certainly makes us work closely to our customers, build customer loyalty, pursue excellence in services and solutions and ultimately, meet the most demanding expectations.

More than 10 years in the industrial sector, the execution of complex projects of diverse nature and the flexibility that identifies us, make us the ideal interlocutor for those customers who want to face an industrial project with full guarantees.

Latimar develops all kinds of projects about metallurgical constructions, technology research for industrial projects, selection of machinery suppliers, environmental engineering, storage and fuel supply, hydrocarbon treatment, pumping and filtering. It is also responsible for industrial engineering projects in Uruguay and overseas.

For this purpose, we take part in every phase of a project’s life cycle.

  • Identification of the need and analysis of the idea of the project
  • Definition of scope and aims of the project
  • Planning and identification of human and economical resources
  • Development of the product, application and articulation
  • Final presentation and assessment of results

In Latimar we are more conscious every day of the effort our customers, the sector and the global and local market are doing to achieve a more sustainable development, capable of combining creativity and financial achievements.

Latimar is committed to the sustainable design of every project at all levels and as a substantial part of all our services. Our determination for sustainability goes much further than corporate social and environmental responsibility; it is involved in everything we do.

Sustainability is the core of all our services and the philosophy that guides every step we take.